What is West Game Development Forum?
  • It is one of the biggest events this spring, dedicated to game development on all platforms.
  • It is a meeting of game developers from around the world in St. Petersburg.
  • It is dozens of lectures, seminars and round tables for professionals and fans of game development.
  • It is meeting representatives of major companies and independent professionals, united by one goal - to bring the gaming industry to a new level.

Chris Taylor

General Manager / Creative Director, Wargaming Seattle

Daniil Volkov

Development Director, Wargaming St Petersburg

Thaine Lyman

WoTs PC Executive Producer, Wargaming

Keith Fuller

Leadership Consultant, Fuller Game Production

Petr Sikachev

Senior Graphics Programmer, Rockstar Games

Roman Lebedev

Console Tech Lead, Saber Interactive

Hynek Schlawack

Head of infrastructure, Variomedia AG

Stephen Brown

Audio Lead, Wargaming Seattle

The cost of participation is 10,000

discount for students 50%

The cost of participation includes:
  • registration fee
  • participation in the Forum (2 days)
  • welcome coffee and coffee breaks
  • lunch
  • participant's package with handouts
  • transfer from Primorskaya metro station
  • after-party
for a corporate discount, please contact us at:
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