Chris Taylor

General Manager / Creative Director, Wargaming Seattle

Daniil Volkov

Development Director, Wargaming St Petersburg

Thaine Lyman

WoTs PC Executive Producer, Wargaming

Keith Fuller

Leadership Consultant, Fuller Game Production

Petr Sikachev

Senior Graphics Programmer, Rockstar Games

Roman Lebedev

Console Tech Lead, Saber Interactive

Hynek Schlawack

Head of infrastructure, Variomedia AG

Stephen Brown

Audio Lead, Wargaming Seattle

Brendan Blewett

Audio Lead, Wargaming Chicago-Baltimore

Roland Reyer

Solutions Engineer | Autodesk | Media & Entertainment

Tatu Aalto

Senior Graphics Programmer, Remedy Entertainment

Wyatt Cheng

Technical Game Designer, Blizzard Entertainment

Anton Artemov

Head of UI department, Wargaming St. Petersburg

Timo Heinapurola

Senior Engineer, Reforged Studios

Alexander Brazie

Game Design Consultant

Anthony Yakovlev

Unity Technologies

Valentin Simonov

Field Engineer, Unity Technologies

Vyacheslav Taraskin

Business Development Manager Unity Ads, Eastern Europe, Unity Technologies

Ilia Mozzhuhin

Lead animator, Wargaming St Petersburg

Victor Chelishev

Animator, Wargaming St Petersburg

Olga Kosacheva

2D Artist, Wargaming St Petersburg

Anton Oparin

Art Director, Wargaming St Petersburg

Ramin Shokrizade

Engagement and Monetization Direct, Radiant Worlds and Smilegate

Mihail Basov

Lead Server Programmer, Wargaming St Petersburg

Vladimir Boiko

Server Programming Team Lead, Wargaming St Petersburg

Nadezhda Ivanova

IXD Researcher, Wargaming St. Petersburg

Stepan Dubovskiy

Lead Designer, Wargaming St. Petersburg

Artur Tohtash

Sound Team Lead, Wargaming St Petersburg

Aleksandr Bogomolskiy

Publishing Producer, Wargaming St. Petersburg

Nikita Denisov

Senior Game Designer, Wargaming St Petersburg

Sergey Izyurov

Lead Programmer, Wargaming St. Petersburg

Aleksandr Zotikov

Senior Technical Artist, Wargaming St Petersburg

Vasiliy Pugovkin

Senior UI Tech Artist, Wargaming St. Petersburg

Yuriy Kryachko

Senior Graphics Programmer, Wargaming St. Petersburg

Vitaliy Parluk

Interaction QA (UI) Team Lead, Wargaming St. Petersburg

Valeria Tsygankova

Project Manager, Wargaming St Petersburg

Valentin Demidov

Interaction QA Specialist (UI), Wargaming St. Petersburg

Petr Polezhaev

Lead Tools Programmer, Wargaming St. Petersburg

Aleksandr Kozlov

Audio Programmer, Sound Team, Wargaming St Petersburg

Maksim Baryshnikov

Solution Architect, Clanwars, Wargaming

Alexander Shinkarev

Performance QA Team Lead, Wargaming St Petersburg

Romuald Zdebskiy

Games Lead for Central & Eastern Europe

Aleksandr Kuzmitsky

Team Lead, Development (Tools), Wargaming

Anna Belova

Technical consultant engineer, Intel

Round table on Graphics Programming

Round table on Management


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