Keith Fuller

Leadership Consultant, Fuller Game Production

Leadership Traits Your Company Should Have (and you can teach yourself!)

23 April, 12:00 , Big hall

There are several fundamental leadership traits that are commonly unaddressed at game companies. These affect the bottom line of the studio, the quality of the projects, and the health of the employees. This session will use a collection of industry observations and research to explain why these traits matter, what companies can do to address them better, and how you as an individual can develop them independently. This session will benefit those in studio leadership roles as well as employees who want to pursue a management career, or even students who want to improve their chances of adding value to a company.

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The cost of participation is 10,000

discount for students 50%

The cost of participation includes:
  • registration fee
  • participation in the Forum (2 days)
  • welcome coffee and coffee breaks
  • lunch
  • participant's package with handouts
  • transfer from Primorskaya metro station
  • after-party
for a corporate discount, please contact us at: forum@wgdevforum.net
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